Monday, May 30, 2011

Summer in the Country Blanket is finished!

I finished this lovely blanket about 2 weeks ago, but haven't gotten around to showing the finished project. It is SO soft and just the right warmth for the chilly spring evenings and nights we have where I live. It took exactly 3 cones (690 yards each, so about 2070 yards) of cotton yarn. I stopped when I had about 2 yards left on the 3rd cone. It is VERY generously sized; about 54" X 76" before it stretches, and it is really stretchy. I absolutely LOVE it!

This blanket was done as a KAL (knit along) from one of my favorite designers, Firefly ( I've been taking it along on day trips with my husband and daughter in the hills where we live, and it is so perfect for the chilly spring weather, especially in the hills. Some of the photos were taken on those little trips. This is completely different than a toddler taking along a comfort blankie...right???? lol

This is a classic old Oldsmobile, possibly a 1947, I didn't write it down. What a beautiful old car, hmmm? It seemed like a nice backdrop for my pretty new blanket : )

I started another blanket in the same baby blue Peaches and Cream cotton yarn. One of them will be for my sister. I'm going to try to make this one a bit smaller, and without bobbles, as our cats think the bobbles are completely irresistable. I have to fold up the finished blanket inside out to keep them from biting the bobbles, so I should just give this blanket to my dear sister who would love it. Blue is her favorite color also.

For the second blanket, I cast on only 170 stitches. It will also have 5 cables, but with only seed stitch between them, no lattice work. I need a project that I can do without a pattern so I can work on it without thinking at all : ) I'm anxious to see the photos of my KAL-mates' Summer in the Country blankets, too. Here's hoping Firefly hosts another KAL before too long!

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