Thursday, October 11, 2012

Nook Cover DIY

For my birthday, my daughter gifted me with a lovely Nook Color (and then showed me how to use it, lol)  My sister-in-law had been bragging on her Kindle so much, saying I needed to try a reader also.  She dropped hers on a very hard floor, on the corner of the reader and it shattered.  She is sporting a new one now, this time in a protective cover.

I priced covers for my Nook at Best Buy ($39.99!), and on Amazon ($25.00 or so).  That seemed outrageous, so I made one that I really like a lot : )  First, I chose a book cover I really liked.  My mother read to me from books just like this one, and it is just the right size.

For the padding, I used a brand new lunch bag, a give away from somewhere, that is made of closed cell foam.
I thought I could use the strap and velcro also, even though pink wouldn't have been in the running for a color choice if I'd purchased the materials.  I removed the stitching from the lunchbox and cut it to fit the book, with small pieces for pockets also.  I sewed the pocket section together, with the softer section of velcro sewn onto the pocket.  That piece will be touching the Nook, so it shouldn't be the loop side of the velcro.
Then, I scrounged around for sturdy elastic about 3/4 inch wide.  I didn't have any, except a small section of buttonhole elastic saved from a pair of pants my husband discarded.  I sort of enjoy the buttonholes, but you can use whatever strikes your fancy.

 I laid it out to see how it would go together.  The loop side of the velcro goes on this piece before it is glued into the book.  Measure it around your reader, so you get just the right length to keep the reader held securely, and at a depth that is close to the original thickness of the book.  For mine, that was 2 1/2 inches plus extra length to sew it onto the back of the lunchbox fabric.
I covered the inside of the spine with a piece of ribbon.  If I made another one, I would not try to bind the cut edges of the foam fabric with lace.  It would look a lot better without that, I think.
So, here it is completed.  The velcro can also be used to hold the book cover open while you are reading.  When it is closed, the strap is hidden inside so it looks just like a book.  Very functional, fun to use, and better protected if I happen to fall asleep holding it, as my dear sister-in-law did.

It is 47 degrees and cloudy at my house today...a great day to snuggle up with my e-reader, and the sweet memories of my mother that the cover brings to mind.

Happy crafting!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Homemade Thieves-type Oil

Last night, my teenage daughter went to bed feeling feverish, congested, with a very runny nose and a terrible headache.  A bedtime dose of Ny-Quil didn't do a thing for her.  She woke up this morning feeling miserable.  I made her some hot tea with local honey, and went right to work on making a fresh batch of Thieves-type oil to rub on the soles of her feet.  I also mixed some of it with an alcohol/water mix to spray around the house to kill any germs that might be in the air.  Three hours later, her fever is gone, and she is feeling like she might actually live!

The legend of Thieves oil is that it was concocted in the 14th century to protect marauding thieves against contracting the plague when they robbed graves or stole from the sick or dying.  The concoctions can vary according to whomever is making them, but they generally all contain a few of the same anti-bacterial/anti-viral oils.  My own blend is:

Homemade Thieves-type Oil

4 Tablespoons sweet almond oil (any other good carrier oil would work just as well)
20 drops clove oil
20 drops lemon oil
10 drops tea tree oil
10 drops eucalyptus radiata
10 drops rosemary verbenon
5 drops sage oil
3 drops basil, holy

Mix these all together in a small glass bottle.  I used an amber bottle to keep light out.  Rub this oil on the soles of the feet to help speed the body's natural ability to fight off germs.  To make the disinfecting room spray, you can put the same ingredients, minus the carrier oil, in a base of 4 oz water/4 oz alcohol, in a glass spray bottle.  Spritz around the rooms in your home to kill germs in the air.

Be well!