Friday, December 2, 2011

Heaven Is For Real--DVD Based Conversation Kit

I was so anxious to receive this set, hoping to use it in small group
settings with other believers. I had read the book (twice!) and absolutely LOVE
it! This kit is such a disappointment to me. There is not nearly enough of
Colton in the DVD sessions. It was enjoyable to see him 'in person' on
the DVDs, but there was far too much extraneous stuff, and not enough just
hearing what Colton had to say. Now, I thought that the section on the DVD with Sonja, Colton's mother, talking about babies who die through miscarriage was absolutely wonderful, very full of hope for those who have suffered through this. One of the aspects of the book that offers such hope for hurting people is the description of Colton meeting his sister who had died in a miscarriage before Colton was born. The DVD does do this justice, I think. I am so happy to have this to share with women, and families, who have suffered miscarriage. The study guide doesn't seem to be geared to adults, or to born again believers as I hoped it would be. I suppose it is a good point that the questions range over a large spectrum. If you want to pick
and choose in the contents of the conversation guide, you will find questions
geared toward children, casual seekers, etc. Some of the questions seem so
air-headed, or wishy-washy that it is distracting to have to read through them.
Possibly this was done purposefully, so the set would be applicable to a wide
range of people. In my opinion, it detracts from the usefulness, or even the
pertinence of the set to the people I hoped to use it with...born-again
believers, middle school age through adult.
The bottom line, in my opinion, is that the book itself is wonderful, I HIGHLY recommend it to everyone, but this DVD and conversation guide set just doesn't live up to that standard at all (sadly). It would be better to just stick with the book, and let the book itself generate any discussion in small

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