Monday, September 5, 2011

Thought provoking quote

It has been my blessing and privilege to homeschool each of my 5 children at some point in their school years. My first year of homeschool was 1985, with 4 students. It doesn't seem that long, but it has been 26 years! I am still homeschooling my youngest daughter. I know firsthand, as do so many other parents, how much time, energy, dedication, and commitment are required to homeschool, so when I saw this quote, it really spoke to me:

“Home schooling is a very old way of doing things. If you look at any of the bills in your wallet or the coins in your pocket, they all have a picture of a homeschooler on them.”

William Lloyd

That puts the efforts into perspective, doesn't it? That is just the thought I need to start this new school year with fresh energy to give my best to my student each and every day!

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